Learning to make intimacy, love and sexing

Learn to deal with attraction, love, intimacy and sexyness being a single late bloomer, like James,  in the famous documentairy Virgin School, that airs since 2007.

 (for couples look here)

Ideally, we learn about love and sexing during adolescence. Our heart, soul, feelings of love and attraction and especially our hormones urge us to start exploring intimacy and sexuality within our own body and someone else’s. But sometimes we get scared and try to skip the stage of figuring out, asking for help and exploring, deciding instead to wait for ‘the one’ with whom everything will work out ‘all by itself’.

Unfortunately, it often takes forever for ‘the one’ to turn up, and we may get stressed out and settle for a relationship without fulfilling intimacy. Or do we go on waiting, until one day we feel too old to start learning how to make love?

Then being late bloomers, do we give up on learning about love, intimacy, and sex – or not?

Late bloomers too desire to make love, to be as intensely happy and loved as possible in a relationship with another person. Giving and receiving, sharing. Making profound and transcending love, becoming one and releasing each other again. That dream is deeply rooted in every one of us.

Most of us do not reach this ideal union without effort. Everyone gets nervous when trying to learn how to be proficient in meeting and dating, spontaneously or via ‘postilions d’amour’, at a party, through social media or on special websites, fast or slow, cuddling, kissing, smelling, feeling our way.

There also is a lot to be learned in the field of actually making love and dealing with sex and intimacy. We exchange experiences and go from one erotic initiation to the next one. Even people who are in a good relationship often make an effort to continue learning about making love, because our love life will not improve if we get bored or take things for granted.

So we also occasionally search for lessons of love in our own surroundings, on the internet, in a course, through a trainer or a coach. We discover what a healthy way of touching is and what value it has for our lives. And we discover how we can give ourselves and others more and more freedom to spontaneously experience our feelings, our delight, and our actual unification.

And those discoveries then influence our entire lives. We have friends and know who the real ones are: those who sympathize, who are supportive, warm and non-judgmental; sometimes they are part of our own family, sometimes they are complete strangers or anything in between. We have become grown-ups. We know that we are desired and loved, we are passionate and creative, we are open to giving and receiving love, in short, we have become ‘the one’, for others and, especially, for ourselves.

So what will you do if you- are older than 25/30,
– stopped trying at a young age or do not feel inspired (anymore),
– could not keep up for whatever reason,
– no longer go out because you think it is no use anyway,
– do not feel well prepared for a relationship, find it most difficult asking for help?

Will you go on muddling through in silence and hope that things will somehow get better all by themselves?

Or would you first like to know how others have experienced the help of Aquarion? Then watch this interview with two happy clients, John and Peter, or listen to this radio talk with Stephan.

Are you ready to look for help (although it is difficult), practice and feedback? Read hereunder how Aquarion can help with intimacy issues; let it sink in for a while. 


So, you’re on the website for late bloomers in love. Here we offer educational assistance in word and deed, in detail, from A to Z, for the intimate sexual love life of many who missed the connection.

“Assistance in the area of intimate sexual matters, does that even exist?”, I hear you wondering. ”Including feedback?” Yes, it does exist and it is so successful that I will go on providing it for a very long time to come.

On the other hand, do you think that you are one of the late bloomers? If you are reading this page, you may very well be one. May I ask you a few more personal questions?

Have you long been single, are you a virgin or perhaps a somewhat silent partner in bed?

Do you hesitate to start or to expand a relationship because you are hardly, not well or not at all experienced in intimate interaction? Do you notice that the gap between being experienced and being inexperienced is growing, especially because the clock is ticking on?

Presumably, you realize that you have relied too much on the hope that partners would come your way ‘naturally’. And now that this has not happened, or not sufficiently, your skin has become very hungry and your resilience has dwindled. You may even have become exhausted.

Is there someone who really supports you? Is there someone who asks the right questions?

Do you feel numb? Do you no longer know the real reason for the long wait and do you also no longer know how, when or where to begin, whatever you may have thought of?

Would you still prefer to become a participant in the area of love instead of a spectator?

In short, is it time for you to share the shame and embarrassment on intimate matters and to no longer add to it?  Then please read on.

Internet Coaching

Sex Talk Course with Marion
Especially for people outside The Netherlands

Lessons consist of

  • newest sex knowledge, refreshment of previous knowledge
  • male/female roles
  • setting skin hunger at peace
  • the beauty of penetration
  • healing the intimate life
  • coping with secrets
  • beautiful homework
  • advice on literature
  • finding help in your surroundings

Would you be interested in developing your love life supported by an expert? Then hesitate no longer and mail@aquarion.nl

Then you might start with personal Internet Coaching. We first will have one 15 minutes of internet conversation which is free of charge or obligations. These minutes could be just THE fifteen most interesting minutes about your love life and it could be a nice first step out of old habits and fears. Many people profited before you. So, take your chance this exact moment, and show your face. 

Please, just contact me for coaching purposes at info@aquarion.nlMy business partner will send you the 1st Questionnaire and plan a date for you to have this ‘small talk’ with me. You might confide in someone for the first time, share your most delicate questions, I know.  I’ll cherish them and will listen carefully from empathy, supportiveness, and advice beyond helping.

When the both of us tend to continue this contact, you will be invited to do the Official Intake, a set of more detailed personal questions by email, followed by a date for a 1-hour internet call. This will be preceded by an invoice for € 270, payable via PayPal, bank or credit card.
A second one hour talk of € 170 completes the assessment. This might be enough for you.

Would you -afterwards- long for more internet talks with me, you could take the ‘Intensive Talks’, consumed within 4 months (or shorter). The price per hour is € 170. Paid in a one-time payment of € 680 upfront gives you the right to 1 hour extra Intensive Talk talk at the end or whenever needed during a year after the first one. 

Is a trip to the Netherlands more appealing to you, we will start programming. Take notice that it takes at least 6 weeks to have the program ready and working. The sooner you let us know the better. In the meantime, you will start talking as above, but more directed to your visit.

Prices include Dutch VAT.